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New York Workshops

Preparation for the Personal and Planetary ASCENSION
Facilitator: Dr. Leonel Lechuga (PhD)

HOURS: 6:00PM TO 9:00PM. FEES: 100USD
In all the workshops you experience the metatronic frequencies with which development of the multidimensional perspectives are opened. Some technics are shown at the the Flower of the Life workshop that was carried out in the city of New York, in the first week of March of this 2011. This knowledge took forms according to the integration of the group. Nevertheless the priorities take the following order:

1.1) the meditacion to take conscioussness to the heart in order to prepare you for the inner cuantic change experiencing with security the unconditional love;
1.2) The activacion of the Pineal Gland, with the Metatron-Melchizedek Method, this carries you to an experience of a unique meanning combined to;
1.3) the Activacion of the DNA, since this special focus that integrates the three brains, your integrated energy of all your bodies. During the processes of activacion it takes itself to reach the objectives presented.

HOURS: 9:00AM TO 3:00PM. FEES: 150USD.

2,1) The aplicacion of the pendulum for porpuse of surveying in advance of the resultant frequencies of the anchorage of the permanent Merkaba, additionally to useing this radiestesic tool to diagnose your own energies and that of your environment. With this you will be able to determine the perfect use of Metatron Cubes to activate the energies of your Pakua in your home or at your working place which itself impacts in your prosperity, reducing the sources of illness and blockages in eight parameters of your life. At the same time that you register the elimination of geopatic crossings and the recycling of heavy electromagnetic fields to a harmonic frequency and of individual and family empowerment or in your business or working place environments.
2.2) The openning of your chakras to the 100% and its corresponding aligment, with which it prepars you to receive to the prana by means of the pranic tube, deep-rooted with the Merkaba, it feeds your chackras internally and fortifying your healing power. Complementary it optimizes the use of Metatron cubes and devices for the harmonization of your body, your environment and that of the Mother Earth.
2.3) The anchorage of the point of fitting insertion for the purposes to intensifying the multidimensional perception, likewise the wearing out by emotions is eliminated and negative mental states as well.
2,4) The Cutting of the emotional Cords, to eliminate the grieves and to increase your levels of energy. This along with the change of the point of fitting insertion helps you to center your energy in order to orient the objectives and goals in your life, leaving behind the effect of living from your memories or to cutting off your painful memories so much as the pleasant ones. With this you are finishing to live off your memories and instead great part of this energy you channel it to what you really need and live the here and now.


3,1) METATRON-MERKABAH MEDITATION is presented to you by the diverse forms to activate the Merkaba field and the approximate time is calculated when you will be reaching the anchorage of the permanent Merkabah field. Besides this the specific consultation is made so that each one will activate his new geometries if your evolutionary process demands it and your Superior Being allows it. Additionally the possibilities to face, by means of the Merkaba, the changes in the solar radiation that are doing predatory effect on animals and human beings.
3.2) The UNITY PHASE MEDITATION. This meditation created by Drunvalo Melquizedek, connects you with ALL the reality and now is the time of greater impact for its practice because of the great meaning of its content.
3.3) The dimensional translation until the Throne of the Creator meditation at the Seven Plane. With this exercise you register with clarity your Divine origin and oriention towards where your mision and development inside the Divine Plan is, thus receiving the codifications, the understanding, the wisdom, the gifts and tools to optimize your evolutionary processes. Generally you receive specifyed information about systems induced by your Spiritual Guides.
3.4) Mother Earth Healing Holistic Meditation. Calling for the participation of the spiritual jerarquias, with Beings of Light, with Ascended Masters, with Elementals, Devas, Angeles, Archangels, Elohims and the Creator.
3.5) Heart's opening Meditation Group dynamics. Meditation for the opening of the heart's chackra to the unconditional love. Therefore to give continuity and expansion to the heart itself and its energetics flows.
3.6) introduction to the Sacred Geometry thought by Drunvalo Melchizedek. In a video the basic concepts are synthesized that frame the understanding of the perfeccion of the solid platonic bodies and the correlation with the most important factors of the Sacred Geometry, whose purpose lies on understanding the geometrias that generate the Merkaba and the changes that go manifesting to high frequencies you may go experiencing at your transformation toward upper levels of consciousness.
3.7) Meditacion with Metatron devices interacting in awareness to settle integrally determining factors in your bodies declared in blockages or unconsciouss obstructions.
3.8) as you go moving your frecuencias with a clear connection to Mother Earth and to God within you first, before you connect to the wholeness and universal consciousness, you need not only to select your nutrition, but to increase these
to a real high frecuencias. This can be done easily with a mantram. You will be able to apply it to your conveniente.

All these techniques you learned, from all the workshops, they are equal to a number of therapies carried out at the same time, that is to say in a sesion of 22 deep, intense, and constant working hours, with the advantage to learn to do it to yourself or to another person or patient. These series of events implies an internal very important and stunning change due to the energetic and emotional- spiritual movement. All that reflects on you in a relax appearance that seems that you rejuvenate for 10 years, at least !!. Anguishes and fears are dissolved by the effect of the changes that are about to come and the ones that we are experiencing day by day. Along with the permanent anchorage of the Merkaba a deep peace brings you that you are going to radiate with your presence at any mental state or fisical place whereever you stand.

The demonstration of your energy as it shows up it verifies the synchrony and empathy with Nature and Mother Earth frequencies. This empathy with the cycles of the cosmos returns on you as an immunity and adaptable external changing conditions. Above all the security that gives you to connect you with yourself, with your Wisdom and Divinity. You may ask how easy it sounds. Its true that further work on youself may be done. But it will be discovered what to do along the Workshops and so you will follow your spiritual path with plain confidence. Be the Light with you.

Certain material exists that has to be prepared for each participant, therefore is advised to confirm your place with time and do make the corresponding payments according to your eleccion. Here you have an opportunity to experience all the initiations implying in all the events.

facilitator: Dr. Leonel Lechuga (PhD)

DISCOUNT, IF YOU TAKE ALL THE WORKSHOPS, TO PAY 420. PAYMENT IN ADVANCE 400, IN THIS CASE includes the book THE PROPOSAL by Leonel Lechuga(Only in spanish). At the moment you pay the fees you will receive the didactic material.

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Reaching the expansion of the diverse energy fields of the subtle bodies by means of the activation of the field Merkaba. Knowing the general aspects of the sacred geometry that give the bases of the activation of the field Merkaba. Experiencing the fields metatronicos backup to optimize the upper and internal connections.


The process of Ascent is initiated when recalls the field of energy Merkaba. This it is a field of energy that reaches 20 mts around the body and is of crystalline and geometric nature. Merkaba signifies against-newspaper Light-Spirit field. It is known that this field of energy formed splits active of the human Being does 13 000 years and due to the desfazamiento of the dimensions suffered a fall of conscience to the third dimension and the conscience of the Merkaba was lost. The memory of this field itself active by means of the process to draw and to meditate in them you send them of the Flower of the Life that contain all the knowledge of the Universe that is correlated with all the knowledge co-integrated to the interior of the gland pineal that is found in the brain. With this process the subsequent purpose of the gland is prompted pineal that is that of permitting to take up again an old form of breathing. The interconnection between the respiration and the conscience is the key toward a higher conscience and toward the projection to other dimensions. With this the evolution of the Conscience will be prompted Crística. The Merkaba is a natural field of protection. The field Merkaba itself active by means of a system of 17 respiration and by means of mudras; mentally the emotional and mental bodies are connected that have forms tetrahedron. Additional and implicitly the form is modified of "to breathe" the Prana, just as caused does 13 thousand years. This is by means of a respiration where the air fill the totality of the pulmonary space, this respiration along with the integration of the flow Pránico through the vertexes of the crystalline geometric bodies is opened a new world literally for you. This respiration permits you to do contact with your to Be A Superior, that finally anchors to your corazon, so that emerge inside you a dependable and clear Guide. Your capacity to recall will be stimulated who you are really and which is your connection suggests with God. They are opened you the new and upper centers and extraordinary possibilities are declared, what will facilitate your own transformation.


After taking the Workshop of The Flower of the Life, some students have reported the following thing:

* The activation of their field Mer-Ka-Ba and the entrance to a state of constant and deep peace. * The acceleration of the Process of Ascent. * The to attend the Planet Land and its inhabitants during the transition to Upper Dimensions. * Direct Contact and integration with its to Be A Superior. * The to recall its mission in the Land and to receive a new one mision. * A greater understanding of the relation between the Universe and the Land. * To Have experienced a relation suggests with God and with whom really you are. * To Have experienced the Mer-Ka-Ba appropriate, with what moves in harmony with our Father. God can be recalled in each respiration. * A change in the current system of respiration that permits to one to integrate the energy pránica just as caused does 13 thousand years. * The to increase the interconnection of the cerebral lobes and therefore an I stimulate to its cerebral capacity (intelligence, memory, etc.) and its psychic capacities. * To Obtain by means of the Sacred Geometry the knowledge that are presented. * To Reach by means of the meditation Mer-Ka-Ba, an easy high-level access you measure them and to the network crística of the Land. Experiencing that with the Mer-Ka-Ba moves one to Upper dimensions. * AND they have noted a progressive stimulus to their prosperity.


The meditation MERKABA is comprised of 17 respiration to activate the field MERKABA and of an additional one for transcend to the Quarter Dimension or to Upper Dimensions. The power of this meditation situates in understanding as to reach the Awareness Crística through study the Sacred Geometry and to practice disciplinadamente the Meditation Merkaba. With support of a technique of respiration and the viewing the tetrahedra light stars are activated that are part of the body of light of the human Being. In the last steps of the meditation is learned like to control these tetrahedra of light and causes rotates contrarotatoriamente, to high speed, to the velocity that rotate the electrons around the neutrons of all the matter in the third dimension, with what the field is created MERKABA: flying saucer form light body of 18 Mts.Of diameter. When this it is done, automatically the student agrees to the dimension of the Awareness Crística. Richard Dannelley describes to the Awareness Crística as 'a state of existence that represents a complete harmony with the Universe'. Situations they exist in which an interpretation erronea would be able not to carry you to the activacion desired. This can bring you a desfasamiento in your bodies and a lack of energia against what you should experience in state of fullness. A situation of this indole does not come happen, except with people that try trasmitir the knowledge without having the duty capacitacion. By this razon is careful extreme in the evaluacion radiestesica. Tambien indications are given to perfect the viewing and sensations.

When you carry out this meditation to the perfeccion enter to a state of constant rest, to a sea of tranquility. This carries the student beyond the chaos of awareness of our current level of awareness, to 'a total resonance existence state with the basic bosses of energy of the Universe'. This is the energy of love of the universe and that is also the key item, the unconditional love, the attitude and essential sensation in practice of this meditation. Complementary the MERKABA, in a meditation but advanced, involves to experience the existence of the Network of Awareness Crística that practicamente wraps to the field Merkaba of each person and in a similar way this also present around our Planet. These networks and the stars of Light that surround the human body are you figure geometric perfect that are studied and understood by means of the study of the Sacred Geometry. The networks of Awareness Crística have the form of a dodecaedro (composed with icosaedro). The star of Light that surrounds our body is formed by two tetrahedra, one that aims downward and another that aims up. The two together tetrahedra form a star of Light that view from above is seen like star of David.

In it it practices are three stars in the same space, for which with this disposition, with the power of the will and a mental order they can rotate of way contrarotatoria. This with the support of mudras and the respiration Pranayama, active the field MERKABA and changes automatically the form to breathe the Prana, just as we caused does it 13 thousand years. This change of the respiration pránica will be declared in the same way in the people with who we live together. Particularly, a process is initiated where is elevated the vibratory level of our subtle and physical bodies, being this it of greater significance since is initiated the process of Ascent. The first step to the immortality is given, understood this as a level of awareness crístico where of this phase on our memory will remain intact in this transition in which our planet and many of the beings that we inhabit we will pass it to high dimensions of awareness.

Your also you would be able to achieve it!

Duration of the workshop: Two versions exist, the short one of two days (14 to 20 hours), and the long one of 5 days (40 hours).

All the students receive an I catalogue electronico and a cd of the meditation Merkaba. Subsequently it is sent them for internet a document that contains all the questions and answers that have generated the medical assistants around the world with respect to the Merkaba.


The basic meditation of the workshop is the Merkaba Meditation. Along the workshop you are prepared to carry out processes that help you to deepen in your inner development. The meditation of the Phase of the Unit he is carries out, the meditation of the Heart, including the activation of the gland Pineal and the meditation of the Ascent to the Throne of the Father in the Seventh Plan.

The meditation of the Phase of the Unit permits you to establish contact with all the Creation, incorporating the energies of love of the mother earth, of the Father Sky in its entirety of the stellar dome and of the goddess of the Nature (Amatirasu). Also you receive through the pipe pránico to the Divine Essence in awareness. For this it is oriented you to be able to establish contact with the network of awareness crística personal that alone with the Merkaba manages to activate and with the network of Planetary Awareness, based on the principles of the Sacred Geometry.

The Meditation of the Heart that Drunvalo us trasmite, is executed with very simple steps to carry the awareness to the heart, having activated the Gland Pineal. In this process you experience the Light and intense peace that alone there can be experienced. This internal joy prepares you for the trip dimensional transferring the 144 dimensions and upper octaves, that otherwise without the Merkaba alone you can experience, in meditation and in dreams, to the quarter dimension only.

The Meditation of the Ascent, permits you to have the experience to enter to the Divine Throne and to recall with intensity of where you come and toward where go, reorienting your upward road since the third dimension, preparing you for the planetary transition with the security that desire.

To carry out the internal processes with greater intensity is qualified them for integrate upon Being A Superior with the essence of your Soul in the heart. To this I have called it to have the experience of The Merkaba-Ra, the Merkaba Golden, the Merkaba Solar. This process is executed without modifying the valuable instructions of activation of the Merkaba trasmitido by Drunvalo.

Previously it is prepared you to manage to open your heart to the intense experience of its Light. This experience of concentric circles of the participating group has been given him an extraordinary sound so that open you to the unconditional love that receive upper from octaves and deliver it the humanity.

Since the first part of the workshop itself active your field of Light Merkaba and with the tool and the knowledge of the prior or parallel workshop, the I Modulate Harmonic, the corresponding evaluation is done to show you that really your Merkaba this activated. For this is necessary the use of the water Diving or well by means of your sensibility. Other techniques of harmonization are contents in this workshop to improve the internal processes generated by the Merkaba relating to the acceleration of the mental and emotional bodies by which necessarily you travel. This condition elevates your vibratory frequency to but of 30 thousand amstrongs, equivalent to 270mil Kms. by second, with which you synchronize you with the planetary frequency. Obviously that this phenomenon this borne by the inhalation of prana originating outright upper and that alone with the Merkaba you can obtain it. An important change relating to this is that the alimentacion pránica to the chakras is invested since inside, by which in this I Modulate Harmonic the Chakras to the 100% are opened. This change of the respiration pránica is very important therefore to you stop inhaling the prana originating in the third one dimension, which is a prana dense, of infima quality lumínica. This it is the prana that inhales the almost totality of the humanity, at present. This it combined to the form distorcionada to utilize the pulmonary capacity gives as resultant a diet pránica stunted that alone serves you to subsist.

All the employed concepts to understand this reality, they are explained along the three workshops and that from time to time the together opportunity to present them in a same weekend is given, as is the case already planned.

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