Espacio Metatrón
Metatron Space
Leonel Lechuga
Dr. Arq. Leonel E. Lechuga G.
(PhD) Inventor and Director
National prize of Science 2006

Espacio Metatron
Playa Mirador # 427
Col. Militar Marte 08830
Delegación Iztacalco
México, D.F.

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Invitation for you to Learn how to Meditate

Since 1996, there have taken place meditation events at Espacio Metatron. A persons experiences with the third eye opened, allow us to understand with more clarity what happens in other dimensional planes in that lapse of time when our minds reach zero cycles per second during the delta state. Each event presents the most diverse phenomenology. I will describe them as follows along with various persons experiences for each step.

Clairvoyance experiences from July 2004.

Over the fence at the entrance of the closed street, are formed two inverted arches of purple rose color. These turn on when cars passed by to be parked. At another occasion, there were observed two tunnels of light or the activation of the exterior arches with a red-orange color torch in the middle. Or lets say, the arches rotate in left and right semi circles with orange flames. The inverted arches symbolize the connection with Mother Earth.

The second time that I came to meditate, Dr. Guillermo Ramirez commented, that before entering the house called Espacio Metatron, my wife and I, saw a UFO moving west, it was of silver color.

The Espacio Metatron has two accesses; in between them a great tubular circle is formed that connects the two entrances of the house forming a great ring that emanates a silver green light.

In each one of the acceses, at merely three meters from the doors in each garden there is a Metatron equipment within the shape of a tetrahedric star. Out of the Metatron equipments come out two light tubes that connect at the earth's center in a semicircular shape. These Metatron equipments radiate musical notes calling to the different intraterrestrial beings so that the earth’s internal worlds are harmonized. This function of the Metatron equipments had not been noticed earlier, but is correlated with the effect of the purification of the collective lower Self when the tectonic plates are irradiated with the purpose of reducing the impact action of the telluric movements.
The exterior doors of the house are flanked by 4 extraterrestrial brothers two in each door handing off and covering with a multicolor dust. At another occasion I felt two guardians in each door giving off a perfumed mist.

The third time that I attended, the circle at the entrance, built like the magic rings with concentric electromagnetic fields, turned incandescent violet color with rose blue tints. At the house’s entrance doors there are two violet whirls and these turn in opposite directions and then change rotation.

The fourth time that I attended, the house doors inside the frames emanated something like two rings of rose orange and violet colors. There is the activation of the violet green light arches and at the center falls a golden ray in a whirl shape at the exterior doors. A standing ring is formed between the two doors and it is buried towards the center of the earth.

At each corner of the meditation room there is an angel guarding with copal and myrrh fire. At the center of the altar is already the orange rose and blue energy of the earth.

The separation of each one takes place and it is done according to their vibratory state. Each person has a different grade of evolution that is perceived in their energetic bodies, which makes it necessary to regroup.

Prior to Leonel requesting the link to the Earth each one of us are covered by a tube of light, and from there we are immediately connected towards the center of our plexus, the center of the earth. On another occasion I have seen spheres covering each one us. Those tubes of light rotate towards us in the shape of left and right semi-circles. The spheres or cylinders have the purpose of receiving the codices of Light or energetic nourishment that each person meditating needs at that moment.
Right away the body is energetically balanced with a tetrahedrom formed first from the navel downward and another from the navel upwards.

Just as the invocations are being made, the requests for protection, of connection to the Light, to the Higher Self and to the Supreme Creator, fields of Light and the Master of the Higher dimensions appear. From the Metatron equipment in the room a great tube of light descends and generates an elevator where the cosmic beings start to descend. In other occasions they enter through the glass of the Flower of Life located at the door which at the same time connects energetically with the Espacio Metatron. At times, the connection has been detected through the three meter diameter circle painted on the blue indigo ceiling with Sirius. Thus such connection is registered at the space for therapies located at the second level.

A multidimensional trip is done in all the meditations, and for such the Masters do the necessary preparations: When we establish a connection to a pyramid of Higher Dimensions, a second tetrahedric star and its corresponding Merkaba is formed upon entering the pyramid, from the head a second Merkaba is formed and from there the second Merkaba connects with the cosmos. Through these geometric formations take place the interdimensional bridges. Only in this way can these interconnectedness take place, assisted by the Metatronic vibration. Only with the Merkaba can the describe traslation move be achieved, only with the Merkaba can the dream in the higher spheres be achieved.

Each one of us is directed to the corresponding place according to the vibrational and evolutionary level, but it is indicated to cooperate and not to impose otherwise there will be a crash of energy, everything must be fluid. Not one thought must interfere, nor should there be any doubt about our own perceptions. The opening must be complete.

For each one there is a delivery of what corresponds to each but the question is asked what are you doing to evolve and transcend?

The concrete answers are expected from the people attending being that the universal movement continues but the people do not want to change.

There is the suggestion to prevent that the people cross their energies being that not all of them are at the same level.

Various connections take place between the dimensions and the diverse levels of consciousness.

There is a harmonic elevation prepared with the different melodies and vibrational tones and semi-tones of the universe so that the Archangels can plant their cosmic seed in each one of the different chakras of the 7 bodies. The energetic cosmic vibrations of the angels are subtly opening the different dimensional doors of the chakras and of the brain’s integral points (remember that it already functions one the brain, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and upper and lower extremities) so that from there each one is taken to their place of origin to recover and awaken their forgotten faculties.

At times, the Light beings work with the chakras and their geometries, other times with the merkabas and their nets. Occasionally Ezekiel carriage descends we are brought up and each one takes a specific place but with a different tone for each one of the intense colors up to the pale colors. Receiving creative energy for the entire week.

Sometimes, they elevate us in a platform in the carriage that is ascending in a spiral way and is flanked by the archangels. We reach that platform and from there we descend and there are some beings that are bringing up each one according to their vibratory level. Each one returns to their place of origin where they have to retake their energy, their wisdom and their own elements. The different corporeal planes of the 7 principal bodies are being united and each one is nourished from all that is necessary.

In these processes, two types of trips take place, one astro-spiritual and the other one internal, for the assent of the microcosm. The Light beings indicate that there must be that adjustment between going out and expanding. Both forms must be covered so that more different matters evolve because when your physical body evolves the earth evolves and other energies are generated from empathy. It is said that each one will evolve within their 7 bodies without undermining any of them.

A great trip to the supracosm is made in union with the divinity and it is asked that we are one with the one and all with the one. It is asked for constancy and for realization towards a way of energetic life.

The frames of the doors project multicolored fields. Similarly, the seats are transformed in multicolored tubes of dimensional form. Before Leonel mentions the Eternal Father, His watchful eye is already there. Each one is connecting to the center of the earth that lovingly gives us blessings and permission to go out to the exterior space. The aircraft that is above Leonel’s house opens up. It is a giant Merkaba. We are ascending little by little. When we are approaching the 12 point star each one comes out flanked by their life line. Showing in front of each one, the archangel, the angel, seraphim, elohim, deva, patriarch and matriarch fairy. And the Merkabas of the beings of the life line are adapted, integrating the lines of life to the evolution of each person. A musical symphony opens up and little by little it is applied to the vibration of each one of the people who are meditating. We go up to an ultra mega light star where everything is understandable in this language and each one is relocated to their corresponding vibrational place. Right away the universal Father and the cosmic Mother are contacted. Each person’s different beings and masters are present and the integration to the galactic universal cosmic confederation is requested. Each one of us descends to our corresponding place. The end usually varies, but with an energizing sensation of complete expansion and open heart.

The quantity of codes, holograms and multidimensional geometries that are received through the Metatron equipments have been detected and with subtlety are merged and recoded when your thought process is integrated with the Divine Consciousness and, as a consequence, the energy enters in a process of programming. The programmed metatronic energy acquires a special power that allows us to establish principles for a collective karmic regeneration. The application that you give to the programming of the metatronic energy is infinite. The active meditation, done from the heart, is fundamental in order to achieve this.

The knowledge, the tools, the techniques, the disciplines and your own discipline are geared to continue your participation in the change that is taking place. The best future that we desire is within you and depends on you and I to accomplish it. We are at the preamble of life to enter fully to the golden era. The time that you dedicate to your daily meditation and to the group meditations that you participate during 2012 will be definitive in order to reach higher levels of transformation and consciousness. But it is not only that, you also will be prepared, as a universal person, to be a joint participant of your community and humanity’s evolution.

I am grateful for the collaboration of Martin Pena Reyes, Guillermo Ramírez, Raquel Liberman and all persons that have shared their experiences along the years.

Edited by Leonel Lechuga

Meditation CDs Guided by Leonel Lechuga:

1. DIAMANTES PARA TU NUEVO SER. (DIAMONDS FOR YOUR NEW BEING) Music by Erick Belmar Persh. To energize your chakras.
2. ASCENSION AL TRONO DEL PADRE (ASCENSION TO THE THRONE OF THE FATHER), Music by Erick Belmar Persh. Remembering the Road.
3. ESFERAS LUMINICAS (LUMINOUS SPHERES). Electronic music. Healing with Spheres of Light for you, yours and the surroundings.
4. CONSCIENCIA UNIFICADA (UNIFIED CONSCIOUSNESS). Selected electronic music. The union of the Cosmic Consciouness.
5. LA FASE DE LA UNIDAD (THE PHASE OF UNITY). In the Merkaba meditation CD. With each acquisition of these or Metatron Products receive an Amatirasu postal.

The MERKABA MEDITATION is taught in the Flower of Life workshops, every last weekend of the month at the Espacio Metatron and at times in province and other countries.

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Veracity of the info by: Leonel Eduardo Lechuga Gutierrez
Translated By. Laurissa Brandcamp