Espacio Metatrón
Metatron Space
Leonel Lechuga
Dr. Arq. Leonel E. Lechuga G.
(PhD) Inventor and Director
National prize of Science 2006

Espacio Metatron
Playa Mirador # 427
Col. Militar Marte 08830
Delegación Iztacalco
México, D.F.

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Both TV and computers launch a electromagnetic field about 3 meters from the screen, which affects the energetic balance of the enviroment.

It polarizes electromagnetic fields no-ionizable of low frecuency making througth the action of trasmuting them with the process like natural spinning: This is pulling the low frecuency energy in a side of the spiral and injecting high frecuency energy out towards the viewer in front of the computer or TV set.
This product modifies the fiedls mentioned from 80 to 100% in the original emission of 3000 Amstrongs, reaching a level of 8 to 10 thousand Amstrongs depending of the electromagnetic polluting sources located in the same space.

The wave length reaches 10 minus 14 meters. Measures: 5x5x1cm.
Material: Copper Spiral magnetized withinin a box of acrilic.
It disperses geopaties about 100% in a range of 12 meters, It has been measured without interferences. The Octagon Metatron Transmut no-ionizable electromagnetic fields about 100%, in 4 minutes in a volume of 1 cubic meter.

The Octagon Metatron modifies poisonous electromagnetic fields of TVs and computers.
Use it like a decorative element near those machines.

It lacks of contraindications. It's advisable to check this with a Radiesthesist, a FengShui specialist or a Geobiologist to optimiza the change . Please mantain an enviroment of a high energetic balance. It is suggested to reach a level of more than 10 thousand Amstrongs. You must clean this product energetically every week. See the instrucctions attached.

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Octagon Azul
Octagon Azul

The Blue Medal with the Flower of Life
Medalla Azul

The Blue Medal with the Flower of Life

It operates with the same technical characteristics that the Blue Octagonal Modifier device but with an additional quality. It has two images of the Flower of Life, consequently it orders the energy in geometric forms creating an important impact in our energies when transmuting them. The Blue Medal transfers the energy in platonic geometric patterns. The resultant is a remarkable vitality you may experience during the day. The energy acquires a geometric ordering that is injected to our subtle bodies or to the physical body. When it extracts heavy energies from the physical body and the emotional one, with an intensity higher that the personal modifier of 25 meters, you will feel a very peculiar strength.

The Blue Medal´s application is quite variable. You can use it to harmonize chackras, placing it 3 cms. off the body on the chackra for a few seconds. When you hang the medal to the neck, you can decide about some positions: stimulating the thymus by inducing energy over it to improve its functioning and fortifying the immunological system. When you use it around the heart chackra, on the nipples level when laying down, the medal will extract emotions and resentments that contain certain density and intensity. This will improve definitively your emotional state. Also you will open a little more your heart and you will feel how the light of your heart flows. Occasionally, you may impregnate a greater intention on this sense, for instance loving all the reality and now feeling love for the Nature ...... inhale and love God and Mother Earth and exhale Feeling and loving all the Creation.

When the blue medal is placed to inject, in this chackra, you receive positive frequencies from your surroundings. Your molecules receive a geometric ordering. This form of applying it can be made on any organ. Then you will see healing and harmonizing results. It is recommended to use the SUPER 4 PLUS 2 CUBE for any pain or chronic cases . Any sort of disease shows a molecular disorder and a chaotic growth. These devices create diamonds ordering in that chaos. Also, when the blue Medal is used around the mouth of the stomach, next to the breastbone, it aids to the body to regulate the blood pressure. If you suffer of low or high blood pressure, in any case, you will observe an important change. Nevertheless for this purpose I strongly recommend the SUPER 4 PLUS 2 CUBE.

When the Blue Medal is used around the stomach or over any organ, around the navel for example, you will be stimulating each one of these organs. You must apply the Blue Medal to each sick organ. The application time can be from twenty minutes to forty minutes, for each one of its sides. You must apply it several times a day. For these cases, it is advisable to use the Blue Medal stuck to the body by using a special sticky tape for the skin. In the same way you may use it for irritated condition over the throat.

Remember that the chackras has their counterpart on the back, reason why I recommend to apply it on that part of the body. Nobody would think that a medal may be pendant on your back.

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METATRON® Products are patented in the Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial, giving the exclusive rigths to the inventor for trading those products.

Patents Title: Electromagnetic Fields repealer. July 1996 - March 2000.
It is being mantained the specifications of the register in the manufacturing, therefore it drives a complete quality control, having guarantee of its functions.

Additionally it had been made registers and evaluations from a Scientific, Radiestesical, Kinesiological and empirical approach.