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(PhD) Inventor and Director
National prize of Science 2006

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Excerpts from Operating Manuals 1 and 2
the manuals have been sintetized and expand their information on one book titled: The Proposal.

This book contains informatoon and strategies to support the development of the cuantic consciouness which it will be applied at the Galactron Macrocenter and the Cuantic Consciousness University

Metatron Devices
The energy range of the Metatron Devices is so vast, that it can be placed anywhere in a house. However, we can also make use of the Feng Shui technique to harmonize a building. The energy released by a Metatron Devices travels at light speed and can be accelerated many times her multiple due to the integrated attached accessory

These instruments have multiform functions, whose potential characteristic and scope, differ according to its design. However in greater and lesser degree they have similar effects. The smaller Metatron Devices 1.1 to 1.4. are harmonizers par excellence, without discarding its most important functions. Please check manual 2.

Equipment Against Psychodynamic Attacks
The Super 4 Plus 2 Cube is used in therapeutic work mainly, although it seems that its activity in urban zones is very important, since they create an impenetrable protection field before psychodynamic attacks, when they operate from the revolving base as Metatron Devices 1.4 Plus 2. The Equipment M-2 has the same properties since the design of the main hexagon has elements with similar characteristics. Additionally it increases your protection. This is for cases in extreme need of protection, when there are too many attacks. Please refer to your Manuals for details.

Equipment with Regional Scope
Metatron Devices 2, 3, 4 and Plus emit higher energy frequencies since they fulfill multidimensional tasks. The energy that emanates from a Metatron Devices is called Metatronic energy. It has a huge scope of hundreds and thousands of kilometers, if there is non interference with solid elements which it also crosses, but each obstacle it finds reduces its velocity which originally is emitted at 300 000 km/sec. This causes that two or more Equipments create a resonance that expands their energetic fields. Consequently several Equipments in a geographical region multiply their effects.

We must take into account that fifty percent of the energy emitted by a Metatron Devices bounces off in the same space and the remainder is projected to the surroundings and fifty percent of the vibration remains in that second space, and the remainder crosses to the third space and so on. This behavior of the metratronic energy makes the stimulus of this vibration feel different, according to the proximity of the person to the Equipment. The effect on the nervous system is marvelous, as Dr. Enrique Ortiz Dávila has described in his research report on the Equipment Metatron 2. Elements of this study are enclosed in Manual 2.

The application of metatronic energy is arousing a great deal of interest in different environments. The way it has been used is mentioned further on.

Selection of the Adequate Metatron Devices
Is going to register the average frequencies of the immovable and with this, upon the graphic (in Manuals 1 and 2) of Equipment and Cubes, the most favorable equipment for that area is selected. If the Equipment is of series 1, in specific circumstances the Equipment M-2 can be recommended. One of the multiple functions of the Metatron Devices is that of eliminating stress and reducing the seismic effects. As a matter of fact any Equipment can reduce stress but the anti-seismic effect corresponds to Equipment 1.4 Plus 2 and to the M-2. The Equipment M 1.4 Plus 2 has an anti-seismic effect of 15% to 20% or more. The Equipment M-2 has an anti-seismic effect of 30%, as Dr. Ortiz analysis showed:

"This equipment has an effectiveness of 30% for this kind of application, even though it is a low figure, it is sufficiently significant in order to help reduce this kind of geological phenomena" Ortiz Dávila, E. 2000.

The Anti-Seismic Effect.
The anti-seismic effect could be increased in greater values. This depends on the resonance work that is manifested among two or more Equipments located in an area or well dispersed in an urban or rural zone. The increase of the resonance effect that redounds in the anti-seismic effect depends on the number of Equipments installed in a city or in a geographical region. In order to understand the effects of the electromagnetic resonance of the metatronic energy I explain the following: The diffusion of the energy sent out by a Metatron Devices is performed in omnidirectional fields, that is in all directions. Part of the energy goes to the sky, another part travels in a 360º angle in horizontal fields and other fields are scattered downward in an open conic form. The energy that scatters "horizontally" produces the anti-stress effect (besides a variety of changes that are carried out in its path). Although the dispersion velocity is huge, the saturation impact between spaces built in an urban zone saturated of buildings is gradual. For example: An Equipment has a range, of a field (of Metatronic energy) with a certain degree of density, of one and a half kilometers during the first seven days. At 49 days (seven weeks), it reaches 5 kilometers. Remember that a spherical field is created and the measurement of this range is the radius of such field.

Resonance Effect Additionally Reduces Seismic Effect
Metatron Devices with a Crystalline Light Field

When two Equipments are located 3 kilometers away from each other, the resonance effect comes into being and the field is increased attaining a better range. Likewise if there are more equipments, the anti-earthquake effect is increased. Therefore, for every 15 Metatron Devices M-Plus 2 the anti-seism percentage increases 1%, the same applies for the M-2 Equipments: with every 12 Equipments the anti-seism percentage multiplies 1%. The more equipments are installed inMexico City, the greater the anti-seism percentage effect. In February of 1998, the first 20 Equipments were installed and the anti-seism effect was 30%.In April 2002 there were 115 Equipments which can lessen the telluric movements effect 39%. Metatron Devices must work 22 hours daily in order to have optimum results.

High Speed Frequencies Modify Telluric Waves.

Metatronic energy is released at light's-speed, 300,000 Km/sec., nonetheless as it finds resistance it diminishes velocity. Walls and dense fields of matter-energy offer this resistance. When energy penetrates the subsoil its velocity diminishes up to 10% of the initial speed. Metatronic energy's velocity only extends 27,000 Km/sec into the subsoil. Even there, it manifests itself as a very high vibration field. When this field of Metatronic energy intercepts telluric vibrations, these change their wave longitude and disperse in a wider geographic location.

The Effect on Tectonic Layers

It also has an important effect on the energy between tectonic plaques. Dr. Ortiz Davila comments in his research that..."As for the interaction of Metatron 2 with tectonic plaques activity; it clearly shows that it helps improve tension distribution among tectonic layers, reducing thus violent liberation of these forces. But on the other hand, it also helps a seismic wave once liberated to find a better conductivity throughout geophysical structures, which helps dissipating it in a much wider and thus softer surface. When there is much resistance to the propagation of seismic waves its massive energy is distributed in a smaller zone, dispatching thus a higher energy per surface unity.But an extraordinary additional property was also found, related to the aforementioned. When the etheric, electromagnetic and gravitational components of the energy front of a seismic movement come in contact with the etheric components of Metatron 2 field, a real phenomenon of undulatory interference or interaction (also called phase conjugation), comes into being among each. The result of this interaction is a reductive change in propagation values of the seismic wave's front. This entails a reduction on the wave's scope and an increase on its longitude, therefore its frequency is also diminished. The seismic wave movement is less extensive but it is dispersed in a wider zone". (Ortiz D., E. 2000 p.4).

Changes in the Subsoil Behavior

Observable facts are taking place that demonstrate the effectiveness of the Metatron Devices: Previous to the installation of the Metatron Devices atMexico City, the subsoil's behavior was different to the current one, from 1998 onwards. Those of us who have lived inMexico Cityfor several decades, are aware that the most vulnerable zone to earthquakes used to be downtownMexico Cityand what is k nown as the lake zone, which is the lowest zone of theMexicanValley. Furthermore, when there was an earthquake, those who always suffered and felt it in all its magnitude were the inhabitants of those areas. The inhabitants of the higher zones only felt the big seisms and slightly, that is. Recently, in Metatron's era, the behavior of this metropolis subsoil is becoming monolithic. That is, and mind you that this is a hypothesis that can only be proved empirically, the superficial layers of the subsoil, which are not necessarily tectonic layers, are behaving monolithically, as though it was a single piece in a very wide territorial extension. It seems that Metatronic energy promotes agglutination of different types of clay, sandstone, rocks and high phreatic levels. People who inhabit the high regions now feel in this Metatronic era, medium magnitude earthquakes, except for different sensations. The following is delicately palpable: When a telluric movement starts, hanging objects begin to fall. Hanging lamps can be definitely moving and the observer does not feel the movement. Only when the movement increases, it is perceptible to us. But if we don't notice the movement of hanging objects, you can be sure you won't feel the earth's movement, unless the seism increases its intensity. In addition, Metatronic energy that acts at subsoil level and disperses horizontally, keeps the nervous system unaltered. I will speak about this sort of reaction on the nervous system further on, upon analyzing the therapeutic properties of cubes and Metatron Devices in manual 2.

Why to increase the number of Metatron Devices in Mexico City.

In spite of the extraordinary results that have been taking place, only 12 M-2 Equipments are needed to reduce seism effects 1%, in addition to the one accumulated. This means that if we pretend to stop the disastrous effects of a huge earthquake, we have to quadruplicate the installed capacity. That is, if we want to prevent the effects of an 8.5º Richter scale earthquake 70%, we would need an additional 372 M-2 Equipment installed and operating. In terms of cost it is equivalent to 3 million Mexican Pesos approximately. It is a very low sum if we compare it to the very elevated material and human costs an earthquake of that magnitude would bring. It is also true that the capacity of the Metatron Devices could also be increased. This requires research time, and the building of models and tests. A special funding for this purpose is needed.

Commendable M-2 Metatron Devices
Following the current trend, when recommending a Metatron Devices, why shouldn't we indicate the advantages of M-2, emphasizing its anti-seism benefits, besides reducing stress and increasing creativity and productivityá Surely many will respond to the invitation of giving an additional service, receiving at the same time a larger personal, family or group benefit.

Eliminates Stress in Clinics and Centers.

One of the most important reasons for selecting a Metatron Devices could be to increase worker's productivity and output in an enterprise, factory or business. But if in spite of training and discipline there is no success and there is quite an emotional wearing away or half-heartedness, exhaustion or mental fatigue, it means energy is not flowing due to a diversity of interferences.

On January 2002 I made publicly known the idea of the Galactron Macrocenter project, the World's Biggest Meditation Center, I had the opportunity of inviting more than 2000 people, at Mexico City, among which were many therapists, healers, alternative medicine doctors, health and alternative medicine professionals. Many of them offer their services inHumanDevelopmentCentersand Clinics oriented towards preventing or ganic, emotional and dietary trouble. I could notice that a very high percentage of these people and their working place had a very low vibratory frequency. This is mainly due to the contamination of negativity resulting from their patients or clients. This doesn't mean that patients are negative per se, but we must understand that all of us are exposed to emotional changes and psychodynamic attacks, besides the pain and suffering from some people that are searching for a change in their biologic, mental and emotional well-being. Moreover, like it or not, low energetic density is shared and leaps from one another. Likewise, positive energy is also transferred. A long time ago I decided to find a way of cutting down these effects. Two Metatron elements are used in this case: The first are Metatron Devices, that automatically eliminate stress and the other, the transmutable or magic hoops, that "cleanses" the area of apparent discordant vibrations.

Eliminates Stress in Urban Zones, Propose yourself to Collaborate in Reducing Delinquency.

High frequency fields, Metatronic energy that scatters from space to space, finally have an effect on population in general. The effect of all Equipments reaches all, alongside with the surrounding urban space where they are located. If any citizen affected by the economic crisis, decides to act in an obviously aggressive way, upon entering in contact with Metatronic energy, in a certain density level, this behavior could modify its trend.

Less Suicides

It's amazing to see the outcome of Metatronic vibration in the population. At Mexico City suicides have vastly decreased. The geopathic stress has diminished. Before December 1997, 1 or 2 suicides were reported weekly at the subway. This trend diminished less than 50%. The karmatic aspect is analyzed in manual 2.

Contributes to Clean the Atmospheric Pollution.

From December '97 onwards, Metatron Devices have contributed in diminishing by farMexico Citypollution, there were no thermal inversions during winter of '98 and it recorded the lowest ozone levels in the last 10 years (La Jornada, Feb. '98).

Pollution is modified at molecular level and transforms contaminants to their original essence. It changes the atoms value changing them into particles or subatomic energy.

On July of 1998 there were many fires and a dense smoke concentrated in theMexicanValleyfor several days. It resembled a fog and was practically impossible to see tall buildings. Nonetheless a 5 Kms. wide cylinder was formed over the building where several Metatron Devices were installed. This cylinder was made of transparent air, through which could be seen the blue sky yonder. I still keep the slides taken of that phenomenon

The Energy of a Metatron Devices Induces Development and Empowerment of Psychic Faculties.

According to Dr. Ortiz research (p.5), he concludes that "Metatron 2 is certainly a neuronal facilitator in order to incorporate normal perception to other alternative spheres of reality. And giving psychic help is useful for every person that practices conscience expansion techniques, as well as for channellers and mediums.".

...and he infers the following: "most probably its action bores in a positive way for obtaining a degree of coherent harmonization (a phase conjugation of a positive nature), of the different brain frequencies (alpha, beta, theta and delta). Consequently, the physiology of both the nervous and glandular system improves."(Ortiz,P.5)

Metatron Devices with a Crystalline Light Field.

Each Metatron Devices is induced a high frequency Crystalline Light Field, which changes the area frequencies where it is located, in order to reestablish equilibrium with the Fourth Dimension. All creatures, sometimes unwanted, can be transferred, with the help of Masters from the Higher Planes, to a place where they belong. This is done as soon the equipment is installed. The only thing you have to do is give notice of the hour and day of the activation to Espacio Metatron's main office. It is also necessary to inform the location of the equipment, street, number, etc.

Alliance with Mother Earth.

All and sundry of the Metatron Devices are energetically connected to the center of the Planet and to the Planetary Network, also known as the Christ Conscience Network. The one that has the geometric form of a Dodecahedron -Icosahedronal! The Crystalline Light Field given to Mother Earth, therefore she operates the frequencies of this field, to her own good judgment.

It complies with your Collective Mission of Prosperity.

All who acquires and accepts to have a Metatron Devices at home commences a service of Light and Love to Life, to Mother Earth and to Humanity. A Pyramid of Light will be formed in the 4th and 5th dimensions; in addition the Ascended Masters will place a protective cloak in that house to avoid having the vibration be traced and located by satellites. Their mission will prosper. Equipments have been installed at homes, offices, factories, workshops, commerce and human development centers. Most people only feels the harmonizing effect in the area or the immovable where they live, but as time goes on, and Metatronic energy saturates and penetrates all, positive effects start to permeate the environment, people and the prosperous activity of the inhabitants. Business prospers because the good vibration attracts potential buyers, the factories and offices report greater efficiency at work and less friction among workers.

It generates Knowledge.

The high frequency energy produced by the Metatron Devices distributed in the Center Region of the national territory and by Metatron Space, already dispersed throughout the whole world, is affecting 64 scientific and creative activity levels worldwide. This creates a new energetic paradigm that challenges technological and scientific research, as well as Physics and Quantum Mechanics for an explanation. We do not rule out the possibility of having a tool that upon raising our frequency to enter the Fourth Dimension could produce or transfer Prana and also induce the growth of our subtle bodies, thus facing transfer to higher dimensions in a harmonic way and with sufficient energetic capacity for the sort of pranic fluid we essentially require. Or else, attain a spiritual growth and an unusual mental capacity. As a matter of fact training and research are addressed to accelerate our evolution. God paves the way

The appeal of Metatronic energy
When Miriam was permitted to open the door of the Metatron Space, she exclaimed: "This is a Love incubator".

For several channelings, the information stated that the Metatron Devices has 2000 different functions, some of which are:
  • By means of expanding and injecting high frequencies, Metatron: Transmutes atmospheric pollution.
  • Closes the gaps of the ozone layer, with energized networks.
  • Transmutes water and earth pollution.
  • Eliminates the effects of earthquakes in physical structures.
  • Eliminates the sensation of experiencing an earthquake and fearing them.
  • Creates an energetic layer among continental layers that eliminates seismic movements in superficial upper layers.
  • Induces an emotional equilibrium.
  • Harmonizes interpersonal relations.
  • Disperses the bands of Hartmann and Curry.
  • Decreases illness.
  • Stimulates human chakras.
  • Stimulates Earth charkas.
  • Induces an environment of tranquility in the surrounding space where it is located.
  • Gradually raises human beings vibratory level.
  • Balances low frequencies against the high vibrations of several planes.
  • Facilitates relation ships, contacts, communication and one-dimensional support.
  • Liberates beings trapped in the underworld.
  • Induces conscience arousing.
  • Induces the awakening and liberation of human beings in other Planets.
  • Stimulates the spirit and the conscience of the planets of our Solar System.
  • Adjusts the negative effects of natural disasters, this is carried out by the Ascended Masters assisted by Metatronic energy.
  • It stimulates creativity, reduces stress and increases effectiveness and performance at work. In an enterprise or business this is translated in a percentage increase in productivity and sales.
In another dimensional level, it creates a light pyramid over the house or landed property where it is installed.

The vibration is transmitted at the velocity of light into the atmosphere and subsoil to a tenth of this velocity. Part of the Metatronic energy emitted accumulates in space, where it settles down and its effect expands in landed property and surrounding blocks. It is important that it functions 22 hours daily. This activity is part of the Plan for assisting at the development and spiritual health, mental and emotional balance of humanity and beings that inhabit Earth, including the one to which we belong in all planes and dimensions. Likewise as re-establishing the equilibrium of ecosystems and Nature. Once the Merkaba field is activated by the Metatron Devices, it is offered and given to the highest conscience of Mother Earth so that she herself handles a certain level of the frequencies emitted

Recent reports have taken for granted that Metatronic energy has allowed Galactic waves to penetrate Earth, rising conscience, integrating higher dimensions with ours and receiving the visit of Powers and Thrones of higher octaves of this Universe and others, for the first time.

Continuous Work of the Equipment
In order for the equipment to be effective it must function 22 daily hours! In spite of this arduous job, only 7 Mexican pesos are spent on the monthly light bill.

Operative Handbooks 1 and 2 of the Cubes and Metatron Devices are available. The content of these publications is listed further on.

INDAUTOR No. 03-2002-072614041000-14

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Content of handbook 1.
Technology, Science and Spirituallity Cubes and Metatron Devices


Water dowsing
The pendulum
Learning to Sensitize and Control the Pendulum
Electromagnetic Fields and Thoughts Can Interfere with the Use of the Pendulum
Frequencies Measurements
Origin of Low Frequencies


Solution to Negative Frequencies
Metatron Cubes
Sick People Recuperating
It Transfers Energy Patterns in the Body
It harness your own energy
Removes Bad Vibration at Distance


For Head or Body aches
More Vitality
Alertness, less sleep hours
Induces a Positive Attitude and Promotes Prosperity and Health Effects.
It removes Grease Balls and Subcutaneous Pimples
Chakras Harmonization and Energizing.
Diabetes. It lowers Glucose
Blocked Ears
BLUE OCTANE for Computers and TV.


30 Centimeters wide hoops
Removes Headaches
Muscular Tension in Shoulders
Fatigue and Muscular Pain
Mental Exhausted
Corporal Pains
Energizing of Water and Food
Removes Toxins from Food
Eliminates Stress While you drive
15 Centimeters Wide Hoops
- Sexual Impotence
- Irregular Menstruation
- Better Output in Gasoline
- Cleanses Money
- Cleanses Quartz
- Toxin less Cigars
- Cleanses the Air from the Car System
- Other Applications
60 Centimeters of Diameter Hoops
- Clean your Electromagnetic Fields
- Deeper "Cleansing" of your subtle bodies
- Optimum Function of Metatron Cubes


Transformers, Towers and High Tension Wires
Isolates Hartmann and Curry Bands
Removes Plasma with Cubes Super 1 and 2
The Cubes and Metatron Devices Complement Each Other
Cube Super 4 May Contribute to Reduce Seismic Effect
Cleansing of the Cubes
Therapeutic Use.


The Super 4 Cube. Regulates Blood Pressure
The Super 4 Cube for Physical-Biological Level
The Cubes Super 4 Plus 1 AND 2 for Emotional Level and for Mental, Spiritual, and Personality Levels
Removal of Entities and Larvae.


White Cubes in Cisterns and Wooden Vats
White Cubes in Polluted Waters of Rivers, Canals and Lagoons
White Cube for Residual Waters
White Bucket for Reprogramming DNA

Metatron Devices

Equipment Against Psychodynamic Attacks
Harnesses your Protection
Equipment with Regional Ranges
Selection of the Adequate Metatron Devices
The Anti seismic Effect
The Resonance Effect Diminishes still more The anti earthquake Effect
High Speed Frequencies Modify Telluric Waves
How it Affects Tectonic Layers
A Metatron M-2 Equipment, Recommendable


Removes Stress in Clinics and Centers
Removes Stress in Urban Zones; choose to collaborate in order to decrease delinquency
Fewer suicides
Contributes to Clean Atmospheric Pollution
Increases Psychic Capacities
Metatron Devices with a Crystalline Light Field
Unification with Mother Earth
Fulfill your Collective Mission of Prosperity
Generates knowledge
Continuous run of the Equipment
Metatronic Energy Qualities.


List of Alternative Medicine Doctors and Therapeutics, Feng Shui users and landed property Harmonization.
List of distributors.
Harmonic Workshop and Metatron Space.
Flower of Life Workshop.
Classified Ads and Patent Register.


  1. Biometer and Selection of the Optimal Product.
  2. Table of Contents 1/ 2,.
  3. Origin and Electromagnetic Pollution Source of Low Negative Frequency.
  4. Places with Harmful Fields.
  5. Electromagnetic Fields Created by Metatron Cubes.
  6. Scale of Frequencies, Hyper frequencies and Electromagnetic Waves, Mariano Bueno..
  7. Pa-kua and Entrance Gate.
  8. Therapeutic use of Cubes Super 4 Type.
  9. Therapeutic use of Cubes Super 4 Plus 2 Type.
  10. White Cubes position in a Wooden Vat.
  11. Type of Cubes and Equipment and No. of People Meditating
  12. Location of Equipment in Mexico City.
  13. Earthquakes, Pollution and Delinquency.

Content of the operationg Hanboodk 2
of the cubes and Metatron Devices
Technology, Science and Spirituality.
Credit, Presentation, Introduction


Esoteric and Scientific Groundwork.
The New Science.
Electromagnetic Fields
Energy Transmutation with Spirals.
Frequencies Measurement.
The Biometer.


Cubes and Equipment.
Origen de las frecuencias bajas.
Modification of Negative Frequencies.
Use of Metatrons in Space.
Metatron Cubes.
Blue Octagon in opposition to T.V. sets and computers effects.
Water Pollution and the solution Metatron White Cubes Offers.
Change of Water Properties.


Metatronic Light Fields.
Effects of Metatronic Energy in general population.
Relying on the energy of the Metatron Devices to orient Karmas.
Outcomes in Spiritual and Psychic development.
Outcomes in the Emotional Field and the Hormone Secretion.


DNA Reprogramming.
Considerations and parameters to begin the process of DNA reprogramming.
Change your DNA-RNA.


Metatron Vibration and Merkaba Heart Light of Metatron Devices.
Sacred Geometry in the Design of These Instruments of Light.
Harmonic frequencies of the Cubes and Metatron Devices with the Heart.
Omnidirectional Energy.


Project Thot and Metatron Space.


Alertness, less sleep hours.
It induces a Positive Attitude and Promotes Prosperity and Health Effects.
Grease balls and pimples disappear.
Lessens effects of infirmity.
Transport up to 13 dimensions.
Blue Octagon for the computer.
Extracts negativity from the body.
Epilepsy Cases.
Chest Angina.
It extracts Bad vibration from Space and Harmonizes it.


Drug addiction cases.
Regenerates ovaries.
Irregular Menstruation.
Blocked Ears.
Cysts and breast tumors.
Sexual impotence.
High tension burns.
Programmed Caesarea is substitute by normal childbirth.
Effects in 4th dimension, Changes in the Lower Astral.


The Ant Seism Effect
Parallel Effects of Metatron Devices.
Healing the Earth means to heal yourself.
The correlation with Project Thot Metatron.
Archangel Metatron.


  1. Parameters for Water Analysis; PH, Nitrogen, Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites, Phosphorus and Metals
  2. Metals Analysis.
  3. Research carried out by Dr. Enrique Ortiz, pertaining to Metatron 2 Equipment effects on seed growth.
  4. Research carried out by Dr. Enrique Ortiz pertaining to Mineral Salts Solutions Crystallization.


List of Alternative Medicine Doctors and Therapists.
Feng Shuei experts and landed property harmonization.
List of distributors.
Harmonic workshop and Metatron Space.
Flower of Life Workshop.
Immortality and Rejuvenating Workshop
Classified Ads and Registration patent.

Dr. Arq. Leonel E Lechuga G. PhD.

Born in 1946 in Pahuatlán, Puebla, Mexico.

Academic Studies

1965-1970 Architecture. ENA-FACULTY of Architecture UNAM. Socio-Economic and Landscape Planning: Real Academia de Bellas Artes, Thesis: "Copenhagen Urban Center". DANIDA Scholarship.
1974 Traffic Engineering. ENA-UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico).
1974-1975 Developing Countries Development. Urban Design and Regional Planning Dep. Edinburgh University. CONACYT Scholarship.
1975-1977 Master in Urban Design. Heriot-Watt University. Thesis: Housing Design in the Third World. CONACYT Scholarship.
1975-1977 Master in Urban Design. Heriot-Watt University. Thesis: Housing Design in the Third World. CONACYT Scholarship.
1977-1981 Doctorate in Architecture. PhD. Edinburgh University. Thesis: "Housing Processes and their Transformations". CONACYT Scholarship
1986 -Training for Construction Directors. IDAU.

32 years of professional activity in architectonic design, supervision and construction. Qualified Construction Director and C/Duya at Mexico City.
Parallel studies of Geobiology, Water Dowsing, Radionics, Kinesiology, Universal Energy, Metaphysics and Master in Alternative Medicine (2001).
Member of the School of Architects and Mexican Architects Society as well as the Mexican School of Doctors and Professionals of Alternative Medicine Inc.
INVENTOR of spiral based gears for eliminating health damaging electromagnetic fields, known as harmful energy revokers, Cubes and Metatron Devices. Patent No. 195654, Mexican Institute of Industrial Property.
INVENTOR of equipments for altering environmental and atmospheric contamination and for abolishing the effects of earthquakes, co-author of the Project Thot-Metatron.
Facilitator of The Flower of Life Workshop and designer of the workshop on Immortality and Rejuvenation and the Harmonic Workshop.
Director of the Metatron Space Center for human development, and creator of the Galactron Macrocenter.

INDAUTOR No. 03-2002-072614041000-14

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