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Metatron space 8 / 18/2013

After some period of time to be drinking the water generated by the metatron device m9 +10, I seek to make an assessment in which the owners of the devices have had the opportunity and discipline to drink a daily serving. The effect from that is to upgrade the consciousness.

Talking about the consciousness level gained, based on the dousing evaluation, I will refer to the parameter that helps as a reference to understand this process.

The level of consciousness is located at certain chakra and each chakra has 10 sublevels. From these ten sublevels you manage to upload one in each one of your life time, and this level reached is given o won by the service you have done in your community , your family or your country. It means that during 80 to 100 years you upgrade one sublevel in one of your chakras where is located your level of consciousness.The benefit of drinking water daily from the little blue glass, is that you'll reach one digit on your level of consciousness in 1 or 2 weeks. And if you keep progressing well, you can substitute 1500 years of life in a few months in which you achieve a level of consciousness of highest degree. However, many people get stuck in one particular level due to the fact that they dont overcome the emotional liberation required at each life time.

What is sought is to know the experience of each one of those who are drinking the mentioned water and share a unique understanding of each one of you.

Based on the above, we can decode that consciousness has a predetermined path in which it follows the structure of the chakras , however there would be a factor of expansion thereof that has no limits and contains an interaction with knowledge and wisdom at the same time.

One of the reasons why people drink the elixir of the seventh plane (the water of the little blue glass), is to achieve higher levels of consciousness and expansion. The immediate effect of this is being able to contact with higher levels of consciousness. Or they can try to make contact with you. This interaction is very important so your service can be broader reaching . The effect of the elixir reaches all our bodies, so that the structures of systems, organs and other components, achieve a state of health and harmony and an uncommon longevity and youthfullness. These conditions required to be strong, solid and allow us to understand the deeper structures of our bodies. But that in turn, goes into a relationship  of power and magic, because at the same time we have knowledge of their scope, we have control of it , because here your will, it becomes into play and the goals inherent in the consciousness of acting together with the will of the creator. This is probably implicit in the registered encodings in the little blue glass water.

To understand something about the subtle fields of metatron m9 +10 device, which have been detected through Isabel Fresan and her clairvoyance, who offers the following outstanding contribution and I will keep an eye to complement with the sensitivity of all of you. The pranic tubes of the devices are an important part of its fine structure.  Another element is the process about how is generated and is distributed the energy fields that emerges from the device because they are a real flow that we capture from the seventh plane.

At the beginning we detect 3 pranic tubes with a radius of 20, 45 and 160 cms., this means, 3 cylinders of prana with a variable intensity between them and they have a diameter of 40, 90 and 320 cms. At the same time, it's manifested : a master with the device level, its superior being, and the superior of superior being occupied by a goddess, that in the case of Metatron devices, is Amatirasu. An observation made by Isabel is that, when you put more confidence and faith in the device functions, it is manifested in the third place, over the superior being of the superior being, the Amatirasu being. This level is occupied by a being of great evolution, because every one of you have been working or have been disciple of this being from many lives ago.

In parallel exists prime spheres on each level of each superior being, and in dodecahedral form in such a way, that are activated 12 pranic tubes for each chakra for the being in manifestation. This dodecahedral activation order is the beginning of Merkiva, if you remember the last activations in the workshop in order to incorporate 12 pranic tubes that feed the pineal and the heart and its action is multiplied in the light - krystal workshop. Of all this I gather that the our subtle structure is similar to the device or vice versa. Furthermore the next observation made it by Isabel is that the metatron cube or cubes , manifested the same structure and also the manifested the 3 levels of consciousness.Three teachers by cube , canalizing the energy. At least in the super 4 plus 2 cube.

A third observation is that within each vesica piscis in three dimensions, where the component fields of three-dimensional spheres from the flower of life intersect, an internal octahedron in each of them is generated. If you could count how many intersections of each pair of spheres are, the image of the flat Flower of Life of 19 circles and the three-dimensional , we could imagine the number of vesicas piscis floating in space and probably discover their qualities and functions. It is important to say, that the perfect geometry within the vesica piscis is known as the foundation of creation, do this makes sense? It seems a very complex Structure!, but the whole thing work at the same time to achieve the manifestation of the purposes and objectives that you and users will induce.

It was also observed that at the beginning of work with M9 +10 , at the first-level the master spirit participation is manifested, generating Merkabas fields constantly. This aspect I commented on a different document.

Response from people Those who received the information about

the blue glass water via the Internet during the sessions, that I have given before meditation.

Dear friend Leonel:

Good morning. We share our personal experiences based on the consumption of superluminal water that has been generated by the blue cup contained within M9 +10 equipment and I hope these comments are useful to others looking for the evolution of consciousness as you do mention in workshops, communications and different teachings.

My wife and I started consuming the superluminal water from the August 1st of 2013, this water was received through the energy transfer by your self using the higher planes of consciousness, Teachers and Angels that always join and advise Metatron Space activities as those of each individual. Through dowsing and using a graphical we observed an energy level of 300,000 Armstrong in the superluminal water that we had contained in 4 bottles and this energy level was maintained for 2 weeks, during this time we were drinking this water constantly as our only provision liquid and we use it to prepare our daily meals, as well as for optimal body hydration. It was from the consume daily of superluminal water that in 2 weeks evolutionary changes occurred in this surprising magnitude. Our level of evolutionary consciousness from August 1st , 2013 was 6.5 and 6.4 respectively. After 2 weeks of superluminal water consume we had raised our level of consciousness above 8 tenths and 7 tenths respectively which was our initial level. On Thursday August 15th we did new measurements of our consciousness level and the results showed a 7.3 and 7.1 level respectively, which shows the increased level of conscious in both of us, in the short time of 14 days.

This include that water of blue glass can be used to energize water bottles that allow to obtain the daily dose of one or many people according to their needs if they have access to a  Metraton M9+10. In this way is that energized water with superluminal energy can be drink at any moment during day, either as a vital hydrating liquid for the daily preparing food. The use and aplications of this superluminal water is limited and is not restricted just to personal consuming.

It is important to mention that the energy level of superluminal water we drink, it has a energy increased registered in August 17th to a 600,000 Armstrongs so we consider that the superluminal water was given an increased energy, given that our bodies could tolerate and use better the benefits of that energy level. This detail about the energy change make us to consider that the masters and Angels in superior plane are using the physical plane of water as a tools that adjusts to the absorption necessities and capabilities of each individual, so any person that drink this water can have the proper amount of nutrients and modifiers that allows to have the evolutionary changes in all physic and subtle levels in all the different bodies which make up the human being. According on the level of evolutionary consciousness , you will have the nutrients and encodings you consume through superluminal water thus making a highly efficient function.

Since the consciousness evolution, I can say we have had multiple experiences during the physical rest in which we interact in dimensional superior levels, receiving instructions so we are being more conscious about the true reality of this planet, its interaction with the superior planes and the intention of this planes for helping each individual of this planet, and the planet it self to increase its conscious level and consider the spiritual practices as a fundamental, final support and solution to balance their lives in a physical plane, mental plane and emotional plane. Our interests have changed and we focus more to learn the different tools and spiritual practices that allow us interact better with our physical environment because this is the base for an harmonical life, is the opposite of what they want us to believe in the physic plane where people are deceived because of the desire of having many material goods as a foundation of a better life. It's actually quite the opposite, because when we have a higher evolution of conscious then youll understand that material stuff is important until certain level, but it doesn't take out your interior peace and either you have an excessive ambition for those material stuff that, at the end, are ephemeral as all material stuff. The base of the life in this plane is the spiritual development as the positive way in which the individual is benefited and by this actions benefits others that are thirsty as well, the same search, some are aware of this search and some others cant understand their needs but based in the example and in the spiritual development of others is that we and others, will continue awakening and evolving in a continuous development, that in its time will reach a critical mass that will change the reality in this physic plane.

I hope this comments help and you can use them in the partial way or complete as you consider and if this comments were useful for those of are thirsty of spiritual path and for those that consider to have an M9+10 device and use the inherent benefits that the device have and which evolutes daily according the necessities of each individual that have contact with a Metatron device and the environment where the devices are development its functions. We know that in our country will be a very positive changes and the M9+10 device we are going to install in the beginning October in our house, something we are waiting with lots of patience and deep joy being this a personal goal that it will benefit to many people and to us as well.

We thank you for your work and for the creation of the Metatron devices that helps and have positive influence in this plane of life in this planet as in the superior planes, so as above so below and all positive action, as all negative action, have influence in all planes of our conscious universe.

We also thank for each meditation that you do on thursdays through internet from anymeeting website. It is important to mention that our evolutive conscious changes are given from the continuing training and from our meditation attendance all thursdays.

Also it is important to mention that undergo a bioenergetic healing as the ones you do are totally recommended so any person can recover any health in all their bodies and they can performed their conscious evolution faster and free of energetic obstacles that affects the mind and the emotions. The daily use of Metatron Super 4 Plus 2 Cube, that we have in our room, it been a great benefit in all physical, spiritual and emotional levels and with its continuous use has created an energetic atmosphere in our environment that is softer, relaxing, and with a peace feeling and a very positive interior energization.