Espacio Metatrón
Metatron Space
Leonel Lechuga
Dr. Arq. Leonel E. Lechuga G.
(PhD) Inventor and Director
National prize of Science 2006

Espacio Metatron
Playa Mirador # 427
Col. Militar Marte 08830
Delegación Iztacalco
México, D.F.

Active Phone Numbers:
011 52 55 - 5633 3380
011 52 55 - 5634 5969
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Galactron Macrocenter

The Mayor Meditation Center of the world

for the harmonious transition to the 5th dimension.

Galactron entre will be informed by 3 subcenters, meditation space and support services: the three subcenters are:

The Institute of education Científico-esoteric
The unity of alternative therapies
The Research Institute Interstructure with the meditation space
And support services.

Institute of education. Scientific and Esoteric-spiritual

This unit is basic to the development of the services of the town and will work in two aspects. A) through a programme of education and training of therapists and studies and research on the integration of new knowledge and salvageable teachings hidden psychological and spiritual. and
(B) as eclectic Center of teaching and learning. That is, education unit will be available to all centres and groups of different tendencies of mental development psiquico-espiritual. The depth of the levels of education no bounds as either we shall confine ourselves to groups that already are on the road, open the expectations of the evolution to all ages and especially children with unexpected gifts.

Alternative therapies unit
The rapid change of planetary frequencies on one side and the diffusion of old and new knowledge is producing new paradigms in the society and the planet. Among others are new diseases have no recognizable parameters in their symptoms. Also you are giving energy constraints new resulting phenomena on the planet and every individual. This shows an effect on bodies emotional, mental and etheric, both individually and collectively, should be channelled to improve the quality of life for the salvation of the same in different dimensional levels. All this goes together to dimensional change we are experiencing and which will finally lead us to the 5th dimension. Against this background the alternative therapies and their actors, científico-psíquico therapists spiritual of the new millennium, are the key pieces for carrying out the harmonic change of our beloved planet and its inhabitants. However, therapists can not work alone, is required from the rest of the servers of light in an organizational structure that allows to each who give their service to the Supreme creator. All alternative therapists with your knowledge and ability to be instruments of the divine will serve the rest of humanity in proper order and environment. Therapeutic processes, education and research will tend a bridge increasingly more aware with the help of the elderly brothers, Angels and archangels of light.

Research Institute
The instruments work with new inventions and technologies, food, supplements and dietary supplements, energy, emotional, mental and spiritual treatment and processes in each individual in the process of changing natural and induced, under its own decision, need to be monitoriados and evaluated.

The central area to all activities will be the space of meditation. Meditation can be outdoor and indoor. And you can promote individually, in groups or en masse. Within this range will be allocated a space for the universal prayer or particularly within any specific practice. These practices and in general support of all the activity of the town will be scattered Metatron cameras that are somehow a high spiritual technology. The way in which it operates is located in the operating manuals 1 and 2: technology, science and spirituality, cubes and teams Metatron. INDAUTOR No. 03-2002-072614041000-14. These areas of meditation are integrated to all units and services. With regard to alternative therapies unit creates a Spa spiritual unity.

Support services such as housing, hotels, restaurants, library, video library, Dolphinarium, Spas, Court, pool, gardening, forests, lakes, Gym and centre of money (purchase) of all the articles representative of the age of Aquarius will be developed around this what is done and used in these spaces. It is important to keep updating appliances, inventions and nutritional supplements more advanced and outstanding. As support services are also considered: greenhouses and medicinal plants, energy centres and recycling management, coordination and maintenance.

The number of homes in the downtown, in the medium-term House to 999 people who live for the therapeutic service, research, teaching in the areas identified, maintenance, design, creativity in several areas of art, the naturist gastronomy, inventors, channelers and contacted, teachers and priests in various disciplines and the new and old school, coordinators and managers, etc. Life in this small city of light is determined by the individuality and the grouping of its members, for family integration and by individuals for this architectural programs include single rooms, groups of rooms and houses grouped together. The stages of construction from its inception manifest the structures of social organization.

The people that come to downtown Galactrón for a course, a therapy, a workshop, a therapeutic retiro-tratamiento, a diploma or master's degree are housed from one day up to two continuous years. Therefore the rooms will be available and designed for a perfect break, with a high level of energy and lighting. Each gate will indicate the astrological logo of the person holding it. A bath room. The treatment of natural light is important and in line with the cycles of the year.

Greenhouses and medicinal plants
There will be a special interest in the development of greenhouses and planting of medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables regional for self-support and possible exchange. Making a thorough selection of species for its nutritional quality and the need to explore its benefits to massive levels. This project will be made by Hidrophonia, farms and plantations suspended.

Energy centres and recycling
All the energy of downtown Galactrón will be recyclable and self-sustaining. Electric power is raised to be generated by solar panels or wind systems if. The water will be special treatment cycles. All the water in downtown Galactrón, uses in swimming pools, lakes, water tanks, cisterns, drinkable, healing of drainage for toilets and for recycling, will be treated to achieve their optimal use. Cubes and equipment Metatron and other complementary systems will be used in these processes. The water heating will be for solar heating system. This will prevent the installation of boilers and heaters where possible, also the gas generated by solid waste would be used. The gas could be used in the kitchen or at least that had no alternative. Principle will seek to avoid generating gaseous pollutants, this requires to find the best ecoalternativas for each case. This includes solar cookers. We must therefore keep up to date with the latest advances in this type of generators. Also climate change, and frequency of the human body will be monitoring to find parameters to indicate us the energy optimization. The trash will be the selection process of organic waste for the creation of compost to be used in the planting of vegetables and plants.

Administration, coordination and maintenance.
This is the Ego and the consciousness of the downtown. Requires special care administration and maintenance of the property through the various stages of their development and implementation of programmes under constant review. The coordination of all activities is essential for the proper functioning of the downtown. Coordination focus on bringing the agendas of activities for each Central and support activities that require human resources. A great center of this nature requires a constant promotion both for broadcast services and obtain the economic resources to guide therapies to all socio-economic sectors of the population. It is essential that these spaces are highly useful and competitively profitable centres and promoters of teachings of the golden age of this beloved planet and humanity. Maintain an excellent level of knowledge and therapeutic practices is strictly necessary, here that it is essential the monitoring of all therapies, the authenticity of knowledge and the ability of therapists, trainers and teachers.

To achieve a high payoff, occupation of created spaces and that the service actually reaches those in need, is required to have a center of distribution in the city of Mexico. It is because the experience of space Metatron and based on this must be installed a centre much more wide containing services and from where it spread of downtown Galactrón. From this place you can capture customers, patients, therapists and also follow up treatments of individuals and groups after the visit to the town. You can also capture organized groups wishing to make use of the facilities of the unit or Institute of education. An example of this type of functions is in some centres located in the central region of Mexico. The integration of centres and groups with diverse trends in knowledge and the diversity of their spiritual practices is very important. Here is the cordial invitation to join efforts for common purposes.

Internal initiatory school
On the way to the planetary Ascension, the Group of teachers, healers and researchers of the downtown - Galactrón will have the role of helping the mother Gaia and humanity in its step divine to higher areas. These activities are carried out with flexible hours although there shall be established a common schedule for the efforts made during the day.

The work will be a task of spiritual service of love which involves meditation works daily to purify and harmonise both to mother earth as a space for the downtown and thus be able to develop the daily work in an atmosphere of peace.

All the meditators are receiving knowledge antennas that receive messages for teaching, research, healing etc. of the higher planes. This will be incorporated into the daily practice of receptors to a new body of knowledge. This will be reflected in a fuller life and contribute to our own evolution. To start from now with this service is recommended to work with discipline in meditation techniques. In particular to put as the primary objective to reach Merkabah permanent. With this energy State, connected with the creator Supreme, all initiatory schools will incorporate with their knowledge and practical Mystic evolutionary carried the initiates to higher evolutionary grades.

Cosmic architecture and higher dimensions
As it has been the music of the spheres, also received inspiration for the architecture of the areas. Consciousness and dimensional change is this reflected in all aspects of culture, science, art, philosophy, religion, in politics, in the inner life of human beings. In all manifestations of the human being is is undergoing a major change. It remains encouraging that the architecture be flare this process in particular. Not voltearemos for the moment to point out that this happening, but my orientation goes beyond.

Above all identify some parameters that are useful in serving in the creative process in architecture and in particular in the direction in which we're impregnating you the design of the Galactrón town. The incorporation of sacred geometry and the Platonists bodies in the architectural configuration is important. Aesthetic and symbolic functions must be predominant in the conception of the design of forms, space, the environment and the landscape. It is important to see the sky with his feet on the ground. Since any space can feel and see the sky, the Sun and stars and nature. Artificial light not be obstacle to see the stars. Pedestrian and vehicular steps will have sensors to be illuminated only in its path. Day and night light should be treated with sensitivity in their special effects for each space. Each building will have its own special vibration.

The integration of the higher dimensions of light technology

The Metatron space.

Space Metatron is a cabin in the form of perfect cube with mirrors on its six faces. Its inauguration was conducted with seven teams Metatron M-1.4. Gradually increased both the number of teams and their potential. The Centre also took the name of this and it was gradually raising awareness for the diversity of activity for the welfare and human development, dissemination and distribution of products Metatron and the dispersion of high frequencies emanating energy service from here towards the world and more beyond. On 8 February marked nine years of continuous power generation, with 22 M-2 teams from years ago. Amazing progress has been in recent years. Three cabins Metatron in the city of Mexico, is in the year 2000 have been installed and dispersed 155 teams in the metropolitan area. A similar number were installed in the whole of the Mexican province. All teams work by resonance and he has been a network between all of them. Until this year 2007 has been maintained as a project of citizens. People who have purchased a team are very sensitive people servants of the light that have felt the internal call to be part of this project of light. During the first years managed to reach a second network with pre-Hispanic ceremonial centers and contemporaries, for 2000 identified you as a Chackra child of mother earth, for the year 2002, because of the energy generated, the Ascendids masters and beings light levels higher gave major planet Chackra tone, as it identifies them for example to the pyramid of Cheops or Uxmal. On 8 November 2003, in meditation with 70 people from the highly anticipated harmonic convergence, important messages to all those who attended were, however the great thing was to receive a gift from the father Supreme: one of the foresight, explained that the father left a diamond of 90cms diameter floating in the center of the Metatron space. This Ethereal Crystal irradía his light to the world and has implicit multifunctional codes directly beneficial in all aspects of our evolutionary process. During meditation on Easter Thursday was awarded the connection Chackra's the heart of the Galaxy. The impact this is having beyond any imaginable expectation, since then continuous connection to the heart of the Supreme creator.

This ultralumínic process also had a generator with the processes of internal change of actors of this plane and security in higher planes. Long sessions of meditation, the activation of Merkabas, individual and group, the service of therapists, courses and workshops and the effective distribution of cubes and Metatron teams have contributed to what has been achieved. The demonstration most noticeable is when players reach the permanent Merkabah in much less time to what it assumes normal.

Something underlying to human but inherent to the divine mind thinking is to reach the consciousness of the events of internal growth almost to the moment that are emerging, as it is to reach the infinite Merkabah of the father at the human level. It is real and fully effective spiritual evolutionary growth generated in space Metatron: 5 minutes of meditation exposed to high frequencies are equivalent to five months of meditation under normal conditions of the third dimension. The downtown Galactrón project aims to install 22 cameras Metatron. in order to generate, through this spiritual technology, high frequencies to planetary, Galactic healing and human energy fields. Especially for anyone to go to the downtown. The benefits of energy Metatrónica have been explained in another section of this page. In short, it will help to overcome the human conscience and transcending to higher dimensions.

In the year 2006 was received divine inspiration for the University of quantum consciences as part of the downtown Galactrón. This idea is specific in 2007 and in 2008 began the curricula and the first preliminary draft developed by the participation of an international architecture competition.

Thank you for this loving service to join this project as the light server.

Dr.ARQ. Leonel Eduardo Lechuga Gutierrez, (PhD). Co-Founder President of: Metatron-Galactrón BC Director of the space consciousness Metatron and the project of the Galactrón town. Tel. (55) 5633 3380