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Metatron is the Arcangel that commands to all the angels. He is the creator of the visible light. He is known, in the Sacred Geometry, as the generator of the Geometric shapes known as platonic bodies emerging from sublime configurations integrated in all the Creation. Every Creative Act is a Divine Inspiration.

Leonel Lechuga

Dr. Arq. Leonel E. Lechuga G.
(PhD) Inventor and Director
National prize of Science 2006

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The energy of high frequency produced by the Metatron devices distributed in the Central Region of the national territory of Mexico and by those installed at the Metatron Space, is already dispersed in all the planet and the solar system therefore it is affecting to 64 scientific levels and of creative activity everywhere.

The programming of energy vs. The collective karmas.
Recalling the territorial sacred geometry.

Master conference by: Dr. Arq. Leonel E. Lechuga G. (PhD)

You have a reason for being and for being here at this moment and at this time. Your situation is the result of events that have happened in your mind and in your emotions through your lives. But these are also patterns that many people experience in a similar manner and that in certain spaces these coincide in time. To understand it could be simple, what would apparently result to be complicated is to give a solution and a resolution to that which generated the patterns of behavior and what this manifests in the space-time. That is, how to address a situation that we are facing in this end of times, where the diverse cycles that come from previous times, years, decades, centuries, etc. Now are converging in all levels … for good and for bad.

What it seems to be a chaos, it also has a structured order that is not necessarily correct. The collective manifestation of a deviant behavior that manifests itself in corruption, delinquency, prostitution, group illness, collective psychosis… are the resultant of an unconscious collective order that is not correct for an innocent understanding or for basic ethic principles. Finding a solution and a resolution to these reproachable behaviors has taken me to propose an alternative based in my personal experience and as a member of the human collectivity. But this alternative is also sustained technical, scientific, technological and spiritually.

The fundaments are as follows:

The energy is programmable and if this progammating is done from the heart, this progamming does not create opposite situations: the thoughts, the prayers comming from the brain create opposite situations. That is, if you pray for peace, peace is manifested, but given that a third dimensional principle is that of maintaining the polarity in equilibrium, war is created in the same proportion of the peace. This observation has been made repeatedly by drunvalo melchizedek. Hence his philosophy is that of living life from the heart.

The energy that any metatron equipment generates and re-transmits is just as programmable - in the same way as the merkaba is (counterclockwise field, vehicle for ascension). As a matter of fact, each equipment contains included in its components a permanent merkaba which is activated by mother earth and the equipment consciousness. In order to achieve this manifestation the equipment counts with a serie of elements such as light with the 7 chakra colors and a small vessel with water programmed with vibratory nutrients that nourish the consultants subtle bodies which include the etheric, mental and emotional bodies that the tetrahedric stars reflect and the spiritual which integrates the soul memories and the supra consciousness. These last elements, the water and light activate particles of consciousness that generate the thought forms that are impacted by the human consciousness from the heart, through the progammation. This equipment generates a cascade of frequencies which include the ones from the heart that joined to the supralight frequencies which the equipment attracts from the seventh plane, the absolute’s throne, and are diffused with the codifications which in this case unite several levels of consciousness, including the cosmic consciousness. The location of the equipments can optimize their function, thus i have looked for how to generate a territory or resonance field for this purpose.

Territorial sacred geometry
Geopolitical and cultural events are directly relationed with the planetary network nodes. This circumstance which appears as if by coincidence reflects one of the consequences of intelligent decisions that probably comes from a higher level of consciousness. This is just a supposed approach but the facts show this hypothesis being such that the next exposure could generate more profound studies. One of the most important studies that refer to this subject is the work of dr. Enrique ortiz davila. He mentions the coincidences of the planetary network nodes with geosociopolitical events: the volcanoes just as well as the prehispanic ceremonial centers are located exactly in a geometric and mathematical concordance with the triangulation of the planetary network. (The World Grids in Mexico, Dr.Enrique Ortiz Dávila, C.I.B.M. Uruapan Mich. 1998)

The initial question is if does the city of mexico have something to do with Ciudad Juarez, Chih.

And, are these related to geosociopolitical events?

And, if these coincidences, could they reflect some energetic strategy to revert the deviation of the collective harmful karmic behaviors?

And what if this has anything to do with the bermuda triangle?

Beginning from the tracing of this triangle, we remember that within this perimeter occurred a dimensional out of phase caused by the left brain atlanteans provoking this dimensional tear (referred as the fall) and that this in turn has generated and continue causing the wars throughout history (see drunvalo’s el antiguo secreto de la flor de la vida – the ancient secret of the flower of life), disguised as a sociopolitical event. I infer that these conflicts incurr in the collective karmas that have transcended the lives stories. I want to say with this that you have been in your past incarnations a man and a woman in the most diverse situations and cultures. All of you have experienced the most diverse cultures of this world. At the same time you have played all kinds of roles. You have experienced emotions of hatred, revenge, fear, love, sadness, frustration, rancor, fortitude, egocentrism and situations of poverty, famine, opulence, illnesses, besides you have been a victim and an aggressor. You had to know the most diverse human conditions. Nevertheless these are in your memories and you must purify them. Otherwise you will be exposed to repeat the extreme behaviors. The common patterns in those memories generate the collective karmas and patterns of social behavior that seem to repeat through history, falling into the recurrence of emotions and repetitive thoughts that would reach a process of dissolution. This procedure is not always within your reach and it has an energetic and spiritual pattern that is imbedded in the soul’s memories. These memories and unconscious planes must reestablish their purity and integrity in such manner that they stabilize the energetic and spiritual principles that have led you to re-live the collective karmas.

The extreme western point of the bermuda triangle is a point that is exactly underneath the planetary conscious network,which is located at 60 miles high. Exactly above the port of fort lauderdale, where a military base is located, which is characteristic being that since the beginning of the 20th century the military bases started to be built exactly under the nodes. Starting from this fact trace a circle that will pass through two nodes manifested in the ancient mayan culture: uxmal and chichen itza. A second circle that starts from the port of the fort lauderdale port which is the mentioned extreme node from the bermuda triangle, and following the trace that i made to cross the major temple of the city of mexico and continuing the circle i discovered that the same one crosses the City of Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

The two circles traced by the indicated nodes from the christic planetary consciousness nerwork create a field that is projected along the mexican republic and continues to the united states.

This field would have to be brought into manifestation for it can create a major resonance of the metatronic energy and influence in the dissolution of the collective karmas that we actually suffer.

The metatronic energy travels at the speed of light and the metatron equipment generates living thought forms that dissolve the collective karmas and that travel at that speed and beyond. And that a large number of equipments planted along this field would resolve the mentioned problems. In order to reach this effect the energy that is generated and transmitted by the equipment must be programmed. This programming creates living thought forms.

Living thoughts forms are elements generated by a type thought energy that has a program, an intention, an energy that acts based on what originates it, in this case the heart, the emotion and the mind… its components are of plasmatic electromagnetic character that are manifested in energetic-spiritual fields. A scientific model, as i explain in my book “the proposal,” (Editorial Cuántica Metatrón S.A. de C.V. 2009) explains in a certain way the integration of its component’s origins, accepting the following you will understand the function and functioning of the living thought forms fields: one electromagnetic wave is composed of electric waves and magnetic waves, in an orthodox scientific model. The codifications of the human thought, that come from the ego and the ones that come from the supra-conscious higher self are overlapped into these waves.

When the integration of the higher self, the soul and the consciousness is achieved in the heart, first you overcome the ego and then you reinforce the consciousness with the soul’s emotion and the higher self’s thought.

The previous process is manifested when a permanent merkaba is activated outside yourself. This is called an external merkaba. A program that acts articulating the cosmic consciousness is inserted into this field. You could do this procedure for yourself to contribute with your spiritual work to dissolve the profound human conflicts, however for this you would have to dedicate thousands of hours of meditation and advance just a little. The function of the equipments take your work and comparatively have the characteristic of generating constant fields, to attract the supra-luminous intense light all the time that has an equivalence of 144,000 meditators who are simultaneously meditating 24 hours a day. In addition of inserting this light in all directions and specially at the planetary center where, the equipment and your work of intention in holistic communion, it extracts and transmutes the emotions that have accumulated throughout the history of the planet, generated by the most diverse civilizations. With this you will reduce the disasters that could cause earthquakes and tsunamis (see the video healing mother earth®: metatrongalactron.Com )

Once the modification of the tendency of human behavior is achieved, what follows is how to guide that energy to creativity for the human transcendence and evolution, in a global manner?
This technique outlined could have hundreds of applications to guarantee in the healing at a collective level and to have this incidence in our evolution.

Some excerpts of this writing were taken from leonel lechuga’s 4th book

Author: dr. Leonel e. Lechuga g. (PhD)

Master conference for city of juarez and los cabos bcs, mex. Oct. And nov.2011

And the international sacred geometry congress at argentina, october 2011.

Red Cristica

puntos energeticos


Since 1996, there have taken place meditation events at Espacio Metatrón. A person’s experiences with the third eye opened, allow us to understand with more clarity what happens in other dimensional planes in that lapse of time when our minds reach zero cycles per second during the delta state. Each event presents the most diverse phenomenology. I will describe them as follows along with various persons’ experiences for each step.

Clairvoyance experiences from July 2004.

Over the fence at the entrance of the closed street, are formed two inverted arches of purple rose color. These turn on when cars passed by to be parked. At another occasion, there were observed two tunnels of light or the activation of the exterior arches with a red-orange color torch in the middle. Or lets say, the arches rotate in left and right semi circles with orange flames. The inverted arches symbolize the connection with Mother Earth.

The second time that I came to meditate, Dr. Guillermo Ramirez commented, that before entering the house called Espacio Metatrón, my wife and I, saw a UFO moving west, it was of silver color.

The Espacio Metatrón has two accesses; in between them a great tubular circle is formed that connects the two entrances of the house forming a great ring that emanates a silver green light.


New York Workshops. Preparation for the Personal and Planetary ASCENSION Facilitator: Dr. Leonel Lechuga (PhD)

HOURS: 6:00PM TO 9:00PM. FEES: 100USD

2,1) The aplicacion of the pendulum to diagnose your own energies and that of your environment. The use of Metatron Cubes. Elimination of geopatic crossings and the recycling of heavy electromagnetic fields 2.2) The openning of your chakras to the 100% and its corresponding aligment, optimizes the use of Metatron cubes and devices for the harmonization of your body, your environment and that of the Mother Earth. 2.3) The anchorage of the point of fitting insertion for the purposes to intensifying the multidimensional perception, likewise the wearing out by emotions is eliminated and negative mental states as well.
2,4) The Cutting of the emotional Cords, to eliminate the grieves and to increase your levels of energy. leaving behind the effect of living from your memories or to cutting off your painful memories so much as the pleasant ones.

3,1) METATRON-MERKABAH MEDITATION is calculated when you will be reaching the anchorage of the permanent Merkabah field, is made so that each one will activate his new geometries if your evolutionary process 3.2) The UNITY PHASE MEDITATION. This meditation created by Drunvalo Melquizedek, connects you with ALL the reality 3.3) The dimensional translation until the Throne of the Creator meditation at the Seven Plane. 3.4) Mother Earth Healing Holistic Meditation. Calling for the participation of the spiritual jerarquias, with Beings of Light, with Ascended Masters, with Elementals, Devas, Angeles, Archangels, Elohims and the Creator. 3.5) Heart´s opening Meditation Group dynamics. Meditation for the opening of the heart´s chackra to the unconditional love. 3.6) introduction to the Sacred Geometry thought by Drunvalo Melchizedek. In a video the basic concepts are synthesized that frame the understanding of the perfeccion of the solid platonic bodies and the correlation with the Sacred Geometry.
3.7) Meditacion with Metatron devices interacting in awareness to settle integrally determining factors in your bodies declared in blockages or unconsciouss obstructions.

DISCOUNT, IF YOU TAKE ALL THE WORKSHOPS, TO PAY 420. PAYMENT IN ADVANCE 400, IN THIS CASE includes the book THE PROPOSAL by Leonel Lechuga(Only in spanish). At the moment you pay the fees you will receive the didactic material.


If you are interested please send us a mail:;

Payment methods: PayPal, Western Union, bank transfer and cash. Via email is agreed payment procedure


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The architectural design, guided by the golden proportions and sacred geometries with symbolic organic forms integrating the cosmogonic relationship and the excellent visibility of the heavenly vault and of nature, facilitates the social interaction everywhere. A special tranformation in feeling, thinking and joyful spatial fluidness take place all over in peace. Because of the sublime environmental frecuencies created and the relaxing sound of water.

The hotels, residential areas, the university, spa, hydroponic greenhouse and the symbolic area are located within 40 Has. for 5000 people, with 6 rainwater capturing lakes, streams and hillocks.

The university and the hotels create a feedback of its own activity in an intrinsic relationship with the functions of the symbolic area, which generates the rewarding architectural experience within the crystal pyramid, octahedron rooms and two spheres. These buildings are communicated by an elevated tube, forming a six points star, each one of them entering in a geometric building increasing the awareness of vibrational space. In the northern point is the dodecahedron structure for Meditation. All the buildings configuration is oriented towards the harmonization, teaching, research, design, nutrition, spirituality and several activities of the planetary cultural spectrum.

The university building, symbolizes the human body communicated by sun light flows and paths from side to side. The InfoTech and the administrative area represent the brain and the control of systems and designs. The symbolic heart designed with four spirals that form a lighty space with cubicles and meetings room for exchanging knowledge as well as giving direction to research and the awakening of the livingness from the heart. In the center the compulsive activities of nurture and sales of energy sorts, with the spa in front. The planetarium is at the base and symbolizes that the awakening of kundalini is given from superior planes, above the root chackra which finally unifies us with the cosmos. The natural light is vital to allow the easiness of the internal communication. The luminosity is given due to the multiple heights and the acrylic coating with reed sections which allows the shadow for the activity rooms, impacting the gorgeous spatial dwelling.

Harmonic frequencies devices, geopathic dispersers and electrosmog fields trasmuters are located in geometric bodies everywhere. Eliminating stress, purifying feelings, elevating peoples thoughts and preparing them for multidimensional experiences in consciousness within the lofty synergetic architectural forms.

The structural design, due to its lightness and resistance, allows the buildings the possibility to float on water. avoiding floodings and big telluric movements.


In Japannesse her name means glorious Godess that shines on the sky, Sun Godess, nature and cosmic Godess´s, from a very high femenine spiritual hierarchy. On 1996, Drunvalo Melchizedek ask Amatirazu to help mankind along the planetary transition and hence she enters in the heart of all human beings.

Amatirasu´s painting was created by the clairvoyant´s painter Angel Rejon, Requested by herself during the Flower of Life workshop on january 30th 2010 at Queretaro City, in order to be placed at the Espacio Metatron in México City.

When you are close to the painting you can feel her presence stablishing the resonance with your heart, is a unique feeling of love that fills all your being, this event causes to open deeply your heart.

Espacio Metatron

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D.F., Mexico City

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Tsunamis and earthquakes can be modified in relation to their destructive effects. At  a medum term our  planet Earth  can reach   a stable planetary-telluric condition that humanity wishes and deserves.

The  Light technology is developing At advanced steps.  Some  of its qualities are as follows: During more then 13 years, I have been re-discovering  the recent modalities of the Metatron Devices, some of them appear at my book “La propuesta” ( The Proposal), 2009.

For each Metatron device it can be added six blowpipes. These have the function  to send frecuencias to the center of the planet.

The energy generated by the blowpipe is drawn from the ionosphere, from 90 to 150 kms. High. And  then is release to over 6500km with such a wavelengh that can reach its target in 3 seconds.

Yet this energy  touches the planet´s core and  is send back carring out the emocional energy acumulated there throughout humanity´s history.

That concentrated energy it has been generated by all the emotions from all the people who have lived  on the suface of this beautiful planet.

In the process of ascension and planetary-cosmic energy change we are experiencing Mother Earth does the same to increase their frequencies and adapt to the changing energy environment.

In this process of Mother Earth, shaking the core of his emotional energy, and makes moving your body (globe), the effect of this motion generates large earthquakes and tsunamis that have been happening for several regions around the world.

Continental tectonic plates continue to accumulate energy that needs to release  and consecuently will continue to happen these very intense and destructive Earth movements.

These phenomena can be avoided if Metatron devices capacity is expanded containing this new energy information produced by the blowpipes.

In fact  this energy complements the one generated by the Metatron device which also reduces the effect of earthquakes, but  differently.

These frecuencias can reach only 50km underneath the surface , but the field is increasing constantly in its density and when the telluric movement arrives it does crashes with this field and the earthquake force is being send to the nearest regions.

But already broken in its mayor vectors which are sent in several ones and consequently reducing its intensity.

The effect of the telluric movement is being reduced. This is fully explained in my book, The Proposal.

In short this is what I explain in the video-clip I uploaded to You-tube a few months ago.

Any additional information or questions I am to prosecute the understanding of this variant of the Metatron devices.

 DR. LEONEL E. LECHUGA G. (PhD) Inventor

Four structures generating their own energies but at the same time they are producing an special charge to the fruits and food which they will introduce a sacred geometry in the form of dodeca-icosahedron to the blood within our body. Even that some type of blood could have some kind of interaction according to the percentage of information received from the mentioned geometry Would you like to participate in such experiment in the future ?. Reaching the Fifth Dimension. Please see at youtube the vibrational fruit structures Frutero